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Date: November 11, 2020
Posted by: CPDMA Team

Brands and logos in the pandemic

In the scenario we are currently experiencing, marked by concern about the pandemic, companies have been looking for ways to adapt to a "new" model of life. 

Some of them are choosing to convey a message in an innovative way, by changing their logo, albeit temporarily, in order to draw attention to care in relation to Covid-19, especially social distancing.

Such campaigns are intended to warn consumers about prevention practices against the disease, given the more than 46 million confirmed cases in the world, 5 million in Brazil alone. 

The action that these companies took was to remove elements that were previously close in their logos. With this, the visual identity of the brand, the first contact with the consumer, also started to have the objective of disseminating the guidelines recommended by the WHO (World Health Organization). 

Despite being a temporary trend, when adapting the logo to the situation, these companies recognize the importance of the necessary care in the fight against the virus, transmitting to the public their fundamental values such as concern for the health of their employees and consumers. 

MercadoLibre, for example, decided to change its logo to draw attention to handshakes, a deterrent practice at the moment, opting for an image that suggests another way of greeting. 


Audi, world renowned for its intertwined rings, changed its logo to spaced rings, suggesting a safe distance between them.


Along the same lines, Mc Donald's, Volkswagen and Mastercard also created a gap between the elements of their brands. 


Visually and intelligently, logos are a way of universalizing the brand's message, visually communicating with consumers. They are symbols that build a meaning using a few traits, with which they can promote the organization and its values. 

Thus, taking into account the importance that the logo acquires in communication, its protection as a true asset of the company becomes increasingly relevant. It is clear, therefore, the need to register these elements with the INPI, ensuring their due legal protection.

Source: Vivian Peuckert Buttelli, attorney at Cesar Peres Dulac Müller.


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