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STF decides that collective rule that restricts labor rights is constitutional
STF decides that collective rule that restricts labor law is constitutional. The Court observed, however, that the reduction of rights by Collective Agreements or Conventions must respect the guarantees constitutionally guaranteed to workers. The Federal Supreme Court ruled that Aco...
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Musical parodies do not need to mention the author of the original work, decides STJ
A few days ago, the STJ released the result of a judgment promoted by the Court, which discussed the need to mention the author of the original work when making and disseminating a parody, in the light of copyright. The Superior Court of Justice granted the Appeal E...
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Resolution No. 85, of March 31, 2022 – CVM, new regulation on takeover bids (OPA)
On March 31, 2022, the Brazilian Securities and Exchange Commission (CVM) published Resolution No. 85, which establishes the rules for Public Acquisition Offers for publicly traded companies. The Public Offer for Acquisition, also known as "OPA", is the public...
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Infraction - Vehicle owner can discuss fine in court even after the deadline of the Traffic Code
The Superior Court of Justice assured the possibility of access to the Judiciary to guarantee the right to indicate the person responsible for the traffic violation even after the 15-day period provided for in the Brazilian Traffic Code has elapsed. The Brazilian Traffic Code, in its art...
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With important changes in the Corporate Law and the end of EIRELI, the Business Environment Law is sanctioned
Last Thursday, August 26, the Presidency of the Republic sanctioned Law nº 14.195/2021, originated by Provisional Measure nº 1.040/2021, which aims to increase the quality of the business environment in the country, facilitating the opening and business operations, as well as protecting the...
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Approved the legal framework for startups
Last Tuesday (06/01) the Federal Government sanctioned the Legal Framework for Startups and Innovative Entrepreneurship, through Complementary Law No. ). The sanctioned text presents measures of e...
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MP 1.040/21 brings important changes to the Corporate Law and the Commercial Registration Law
Last Tuesday, March 30, 2021, Provisional Measure No. 1,040/2021 was published, which brought important changes in the corporate scope. Among them, significant changes were made to the Corporate Law (Law No. 6,404/1976) and the Public Registry Law of...
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Congress overturns presidential vetoes to Law 14,112/20 and rehydrates the reform of the Business Recovery Law
The Presidency of the Republic sanctioned Law 14.112/20, which reformed Law 11.101/05, but with vetoes to important provisions - especially with regard to tax matters. On yesterday's date (03/17), however, such vetoes were overturned by Congress (with the exception of two provisions -...
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New possibility of tax transaction - PGFN Ordinance No. 1,696
PGFN Ordinance No. 1.696-New possibility for the regularization of unpaid taxes between March and December 2020 Since March 1, 2021, taxpayers can carry out a tax transaction with the National Treasury Attorney's Office in order to regularize overdue debts and have not paid them.
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Learn all about patents
What is a patent? Patent is a title of ownership over an invention (IP) or utility model (MU) granted by the State for a determined period of time to the inventor, author or right holder (individual or legal entity holding the right), which may prevent third parties from producing , u...
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